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For Carrier, Bryant, Payne and Totaline HVAC field technicians

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Annual revenue increase


for junior technicians*


for senior technicians*

* Results per trial testing performed in 2023. 

Assumes hourly chargeable rate of $150.

How it works

AI-powered HVAC diagnosis

FieldMateAI puts a world of knowledge at the HVAC technician's fingertips


A field technician or tech support person tells FieldMateAI the make and model of the equipment they’re working on


They then ask a conversational question, for instance, “How much do I tension the fan belt?”


The FieldMateAI mobile app connects to the cloud and synthesizes information from several different data sources


FieldMateAI’s response appears on the mobile app, the user can then view the source material from where FieldMateAI synthesized the response


With every usage, FieldMateAI grows smarter and smarter, helping field technicians and tech support personnel to be more effective and efficient

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Try out FieldMateAI

An AI-powered mobile app for HVAC field technicians

FieldMateAI is currently FREE to download and try on iOS and Android devices!

Note that at this early stage FieldMateAI is trained on the following brands:  Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Totaline

Download FieldMateAI and try for free here

Download on the App Store
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Headquartered in Cadillac, Michigan, USA

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